Mobile phone electric shaver | Mini USB Trimmer Reivew

Travel Razor Mini USB Smartphone Shaving For Android Cell Phone Outdoor Portable Micro-USB Electric Shavers shaving device

If you're looking for Mini Shaver for men which can be used with a mobile-like USB then you're on the right page. I shall try to review this product honestly. 

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Travel Razor Mini USB Smartphone Shaving


Product Name: Mobile phone electric shaver

Power: 3.6W

Supply voltage: 3.7-5V

Material: Stainless steel

Power mode; rechargeable

Cleaning method: Washing

Shaver charging time: 1 hour

Shaver head: Rotary 1 head



This is a small and portable Shaving Trimmer. You can carry it on travel.

It is lite and small in size, easy to carry in a pocket, bag, luggage, portable use from anywhere, plug and play.

You can use it at any time by using a mobile phone power bank and other OTG portable devices.

You can remove unwanted hairs from your face and hands instantly.

If you do shave on daily basis then it's perfect for you. 

You can use it before going to an interview or any party.

You don't have the need to visit the salon for a little bit of trimming because you can do it with covinience, without any cut, clean and smooth shaving.

Users Feedback of Micro-USB Electric Shavers shaving device

Here is some reviews of users about these products:

Electric Shavers shaving device
A picture from a user

Mini USB Trimmer Reivew

Due to a copyright issue, I could not post the name of users.

User 1: This user posted a comment that it is a really nice and cool trimmer (5stars)

User 2:
This user said this is an excellent product and easy to use. (5stars)

Overall the rating of this product is 4.5

How to Buy:

You can buy it online at

Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home Review

Smart Lock for Door and Home with Fingerprint

With the passage of time technology is becoming smarter and we are addicted to smart gadgets. Now after successful mobile fingerprinting now lock of home and door are also available with a fingerprint.

There are a few benefits of these smart locks as well as some drawbacks also.

Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home Review

According to shopping sites:

Fingerprint lock is made of high-quality metal material, strong and durable. And the fingerprint padlock is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable and resistant to wear. Fingerprint padlock only, demo of other accessories in the picture is not included! This lock can be used indoors or outdoors. 

You can also find other great security and safety deals! You can use filters for free return of padlock! With numerous promotions, we're here to help you get the most out of your savings!

 with a wide range to choose from, you can find a good lock that suits your budget. You can find good quality brands of locks on our website. Come back daily, new locks of locks, you can find good items to meet your needs! If you are looking for locks, our website will have them! Useful details on Padlock will be found just by reading the reviews!

Fingerprint Padlock functions


Here are the following benefits of Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home

01. You don't have a need to keep keys now.

02. Getbbbb rid of passwords don't need to worry about passwords forgotten

03. No worry about password revealed.

04. Unlock your home with your finger at any time. Add multiple family members fingers.

05. The fingerprint padlock body is made of aluminium alloy 12 AD12 Owl اور and the shackle is made of (201 stainless steel. It has excellent tamper and rust resistance to protect your cabinet or home from thieves.

06. USB rechargeable and extremely long battery life.

07. Fingerprint lock can also keep the record of who unlocked it, unlock time, unlock location and check the time and place of real-time use. Connect SmartPadLock to a free mobile app via Bluetooth so you can easily recognize who unlock it and when.

08. Waterproof


01. On some devices you can face code verification problems.

02. You need to recharge on time for its smooth working.

03. Battery problem may occur in some locks but not all.

04. It could be a risk if the device is damaged or out of service.

How to Buy:

You can buy different varieties of Fingerprint Padlock on amazon.

Check out here. Click on any image 

Fingerprint Padlock

Fingerprint Smart Lock IP65 Waterproof

Bluetooth Thumbprint

HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock

To Buy on Amazon Check here

Chef'n freshforce citrus juicer review - Should it buy?

Review of Chef'n fresh force citrus juicer 

Chef'n fresh force citrus juicer is a hand press juicer machine. You can easily squeeze the juice of oranges and lemons with less and effort.
In this post, we are going to review this item and at the end, I shall tell you how to buy it if you're interested.

Chef'n freshforce citrus juicer review


Chef'n fresh force citrus has the following specification and benefits according to the manufacturer.
Lemon and Lime Hand Juicer Easy to Clean

Produces 20% more juice than traditional handheld citrus squeegees Advanced dual gear mechanisms increase pressing power to reduce hand fatigue, whether in the kitchen or at the bar. 

Citrus fruit for your favourite recipe or cocktail.

The construction of durable nylon and stainless steel ensures long-term use.

The top-rack dishwasher is safe for fast and easy clean stainless steel construction.

freshforce citrus juicers machine

freshforce citrus

Users Reviews:

I visited many sites and collect the reviews due to copyright issues I can't directly post here. 

Almost this product go 5 stars. Rating is 4.50/5.

But here is the link where you can check the reviews of the product.

How to Buy:

You can buy this product from the market as well as online. There are many vendors are selling this product. But choose only that vendor that has a good rating.

Check on amazon 

 Waht is Manual Hand Press Juicer Squeezer Machine & Benifits

Hand Press Manual Juicer

If you are a juicer lover and want to have a machine that you can carry with you at any place at any time. Squeeze juice without electricity and battery. Then I am going to share with you a hand press manual juicer machine.

Adopt leverage principle, save time and energy. Made of silver material, anti-rust. Specially designed for squeezing soft fruits with skin like orange, pomegranate, grape. The liner is smooth, with fine holes, and the remnants of the filter are smooth. One-piece ergonomic design, easy to operate.


Having Stainless Steel and lead-free material make it secure and strong

Easy to use & easy to clean

Easy to get a lot of juice in a very short time without much effort.

No Chemical is involved in it.

Best working for Lemon, orange, grapes, Melon, Watermelon, Guava and others 

Less cost more benefits


Less cost

Easy to carry while on a picnic, tour.

No need of electricity so you can easily squeeze the juice in breakfast for your children in case there is an electricity issue at your home.

Images of  Manual Hand Press Juicer Squeezer

Manual Hand Press Juicer Squeezer
Manual Hand Press Juicer Internal

Hand Press Juicer

How to Buy:

You can buy this amazing product online if you're interested. You can check many online sites. But I recommend you to check on Amazon.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper to Make your Life Easy

Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer for Kitchen

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper accessories Mandoline Slicer Fruit Cutter Potato Peeler Carrot Cheese Grater vegetable slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer these awesome kitchen gadgets can be used to chopper vegetables, onion, garlic, and other items.

Spending time in the kitchen is a big stress reliever for me, but spending too much time in the kitchen when I have other things to do has the opposite effect.

I like to make large consignments of peppers and soups, especially in the colder months, so I can freeze some later, but preparing all the ingredients is one of my favorite cooking tasks. Well, "was."

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper


4 Inches Blade

420 Stainless steel maintains razor sharpness for sharp, smooth cutting and forging. The blades move in and out easily. Chop potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and more.

It comes with a large plastic measuring bowl, spiral blade, ribbon blade, cleaning brush, two different-sized blade grids, and a detail pick to easily clean the blades without risking injuring yourself or ruining your dish sponge. 

The design is intuitive and user-friendly. Once you choose which blade grid attachment you'd like to use, just slide it into the base and lock it in place. Then place your vegetable, fruit, cheese, or whatever you want to dice on the base and clamp down on the lid. For hard foods, you might need to push or pound the lid a little bit. For the spiral and ribbon blades, you'll need to manually turn the food. 

You will be able to slice the onion in less than a minute and cook all the ingredients in my veggie pasta sauce in less than 30 minutes.

The Full Star Vegetable Helicopter drastically reduces the time it takes me to cut vegetables. I also use it for fruits and cheese, and also to supplement vegetables.

The vegetable chopper makes it so easy to get even pieces that it is necessary to make something like a potato hash. When the pieces are uneven, you end up with some that burn and others that are cooked.

But, as I mentioned earlier, the best feature of this tool is its speed. Every few months, I make a huge batch of veggie pasta sauce filled with mushrooms, onions, peppers, squash, eggplant and broccoli. In the past, I used to spend so much time cooking these vegetables in the kitchen, but with this chopper, I put them all in the sauce and boiled in less than half an hour.

How to Buy:

You can buy it online.

Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer Dispenser for Home 5 star rating

Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer Dispenser for Kids & Family Shower

Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer Dispenser for the whole Family, Shower is Wall Mount Bathroom Accessories with Super Sticky Suction Pad. 

I always try to provide the best rating products for you so you can search best dealing products without effort and searching.

Here is an amazing automatic toothpaste dispenser for kids and homes.

Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer Dispenser

Specification of Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser:

This unique automatic toothpaste dispenser is designed for your convenience, it adopts vacuum technology, pumps the last drop of toothpaste and avoids direct touching, is economical and hygienic.

The automatic toothpaste scissor set is made of ABS plastic, non-toxic and durable. Provide large amounts of electricity, do not waste toothpaste. The automatic toothpaste dispenser is specially designed for your general needs and for toothpaste tubes smaller than 0.47 inches.

Made of high-quality safe health-high quality grade environmental polymer material that is non-toxic, odorless, harmless and good performance at high temperature. Toothpaste extract helps us to touch directly and avoid bacteria.

Easy to clean - toothpaste squeezer kit can be used with toothbrush holder and easy to disassemble and assemble, no dead angle cleaning, the product has ventilation treatment, can make sure the product is clean and dry Yes, and the product has dust cover protection.

Toothpaste dispensers are made of high-quality ABS plastic and wheat straw material, which are both reliable and durable, you can use them safely.

Great bathroom accessories to keep clutter and bacteria away. The cool lifestyle trend motivates you to live a better life.

Images of this Product:

Automatic Toothpaste draw

Automatic Toothpaste squeezer

I am suggesting you 3 brands and the choice is yours. I try my best to post only those items which have good feedback from customers.

Brand  1 (1000+ Rating)

Brand 2  (900+ ratings)

Brand 3

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Govee LED Light Bulb Dimmable Multiple colure ( I Love my home)

Govee LED Light Bulb Dimmable

Music Sync RGB Color Changing Light Bulb A19 7W 60W Equivalent, Multicolor Decorative No Hub Required LED Bulb with APP for Party Home

RGBW Light Bulb, 
Wake Up Light, 
Brightness Dimmable and Tuneable White, 
A19E26 Base, 
App Control, 
Group Control, 
Energy Efficient Light Bulb, 
RGB Color Changing and Warm White to Cool Daylight, 
Color Light Bulb with Remote, 
Bluetooth Light Bulb, Color Lights Bulb, 
Music Mode and Scene Mode, Set Timer and Schedule, 
LED Light Bulb with Remote.

Govee LED bliuetooth remote control

More Information about this product

Connect via Bluetooth & App Control: Via Bluetooth connects the LED Light Bulb with the "Gove Home" App. Group control can control up to multi RGB bulbs at the same time (Note: Don't support Alexa/Google)

Timer & Wake-up Modes: Set your Govee color changing a light bulb to turn on/off at a specific time. Especially use the “Sunrise” mode to make the color change light bulb brighten to help you wake up, use the “Sunset” mode lets the multi-color bulb darken to help you sleep.

Sync Your Music: Personalize your Govee RGB led bulbs with more than 16 million colors and a monochrome palette. Our Bulb Light can change colors according to the rhythm of the music. Dynamic or soft rhythm, depending on your preferences.

Pick Colors from Camera: Take a picture or keep the camera focusing to choose a color applying to your Bluetooth light bulb. CRI ≥ 90 to restore the true color of the surrounding environment.

Energy Saving: The brightness of this 7W LED bulb is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent, saving you 90% on lighting costs.

Govee LED Light Bulb Dimmable Multiple colure

Govee LED dim color

Govee LED

You can buy this amazing and beautiful product online at a reliable platform like amazon

Click on the shop now button to buy this product at the lowest rates.

Best Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer  (5star rating)

Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer 

This product is really cool. This is for housewives who love cleaning the home and keep the house clean. Here is some more descriptions of the product.

Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer


Durable Black Kitchen Focus Design - Multi-layer protection Matte black kitchen faucet resists rust, corrosion and staining. Wipe the faucet with a soft cloth to keep it clean and always fresh.


Kitchen faucets are pre-connected with stretch spray with PEX inner hoses connected to food-grade cross, insuring water purification.


This new sink with sprayer offers a choice of twenty non-splash, aerated stream, powerful spray or pause.


The black tap has the same control over both water flow and temperature. It is a high arch with 360-degree rotation. The faucet hose extends up to 24 ”available for outdoor sink range operation.


All parts of the kitchen faucet with sprayer are pre-installed. All you need installation tool is an adjustable wrench for connecting the supply line valve. In most cases, 20 minutes is enough.

Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

 Check on Amazon

My wife is my life; just being near you fill my heart with love.

My wife is my life; just being near you fill my heart with love.

About Quote:

Quote Image:

My wife is my life; just being near you fill my heart with love.

Quote Text:

My wife is my life; just being near you fill my heart with love.

My heart beats produced a sound of love as a romantic song quotes

Quotes for wife

My heartbeats produced a sound of love as a romantic song when she played with the tune of my heart.

Quote Image:

My heart beats produced a sound of love as a romantic song when she played with the tune of my heart.My heart beats produced a sound of love as a romantic song when she played with the tune of my heart.

Quote Text:

My heartbeats produced a sound of love as a romantic song when she played with the tune of my heart.

Quote for my wife - Dedicated to life partner

I dedicated my whole life to my sweet wife, her smile is the secret of my success, and her tears are my failures.

Quote Image:

Qoute for my wife

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I dedicated my whole life to my sweet wife, her smile is the secret of my success, and her tears are my failures.

If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an "EGO" problem.

If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an "EGO" problem.

About Quote:

Ego destroyed many relationships when it exists then nothing left.

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If someone corrects you and you feel offended

Quote Text:

If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an "EGO" problem.