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A sitemap is a list containing information about all the pages, images, and videos of a website. Web crawlers and search engines use this information to understand the structure of a website and the relationship between files and pages on it. You have to submit it to Google console and Bing webmaster in this way they know what is newly posted on your site.

Further, There are two types of sitemaps some websites use HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps.

About the Sitemap Viewer tool offers a free tool to view the sitemap of your website or any domain you want. This free sitemap checker tool aslo will tell you the type of sitemap such as XML or HTMl. You can know about the most successful websites and what type of sitemap they are using. After using this tool you will be able to check

  • URL of website
  • Status
  • Type of Sitemap
  • Entries (How many posts or pages are submitted)
  • Visibility percentage

How to use it

Using this amazing tool is very easy you need to follow just 2 steps.

Step #1: Visit the SEO Tools page and select Sitemap viewer

Step #2: Enter your domain name and click on submit.

The result page will display the URL, status, sitemap type, and visibility.


About XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps are primarily targeted at search engines and their bots and web crawlers to give them a better overview of your website's structure. This allows crawlers to easily access all the pages of your website, as well as all the relevant information about it. This is usually the URL of the page, the last update date, and any language variants of the page. By knowing the structure of your website, you allow search engines to crawl your website intelligently and make sure that all the pages of your website are in their search index. Having an XML sitemap for your website is considered a good SEO practice.

About HTML sitemaps 

HTML sitemaps are typically created in an easy-to-read format and structure and are used to help users find what they are looking for. An HTML sitemap does not need to include all of your URLs/pages and should be done to help a user find what they are looking for if they get lost on your website. Many create an HTML template to help the user find the most important pages on their website.

The structure of HTML sitemaps is very easy to read and tells the users what they are looking for. In simple it is primarily designed for human users. So users can easily understand what is and where is located if they get lost on your website. It is not necessary to enter all of your URLs/pages like XML.