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Mobile Support Test or a mobile-friendly test tool will tell you if your website is eligible to support mobile devices or not. This simple tool is not provided a speed score yet but it will provide information on all the stylesheets with all relevant links. These URLs are related to CSS and other plugins which are being used to design websites. 

Do you know? Now search engines prefer to crawl mobile content first. Almost 60% of all online searches are now conducted on a mobile device, with some sectors (food and beverage) reaching 72%

Responsive web design makes websites faster, more accessible, and easier to navigate. This makes it easier for users to find the information they're looking for and generally encourages them to stay on your site. Also, great usability can encourage users to return to your website in the future.

How does the mobile-friendly test help?

Now people prefer to use smartphones to make searches instead of desktops and laptops. This makes it essential for webmasters to provide the full functionality of the website, regardless of the screen size or device they are using. It's pretty obvious that Google recognizes the importance of this, and that's why it introduced Google's mobile compatibility test. With the mobile-friendliness test, it's easier to find out how responsive and user-friendly your website is and whether or not people can find it easily.

Fortunately, Google has now given webmasters a chance to address the issue to avoid being penalized by search engines. First things first, in order to resolve the issue, you must first test the mobile site for your website. This will give you an idea of ​​the overall performance of your website on mobile devices. By using a mobile responsive test or a mobile-friendly test, users can get a clear picture of what might need to be changed or updated to continue getting optimal traffic and search results.


Mobile Support Test Tool by Xhaami

This tool is in beta mood and is currently able to tell you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not and if your device is not responsive then it will tell you what is wrong. it will show stylesheets with header codes so you can easily recognize which part of your website should be changed. we offer you an extremely useful mobile site test or mobile responsive test that allows you to test the responsiveness or usability of your mobile device. Using our Google mobile-friendly test or mobile site testing tool is very simple. All you need to do is enter your website URL and click the 'Submit' button. Within seconds, you will get detailed results.


How to use Mobile Responsive Checker Tool

You just need to visit the SEO tools page and select Mobile Support Tool

Now enter your URL and click the submit button. Now the results page will be displayed and you can check if your website or page is mobile friendly or not.