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Google is the No.1 search engine in the world. There is estimated 8.5 billion searches are performed per day on google. It is also said that 5.7 Million approx searches do in one minute. 

Google search results sometimes vary based on your geographic location, and device type like, mobile or desktop further domains also participate in it. Like Google TLD (for example,

For example, if you search for the keyword "SERP checker" on Google using a mobile device, you may see different results than if you had searched for the same keyword on a desktop computer.

As search engine marketers and website owners, we created the tool that we would like to use, no longer do we need to go through hundreds of search results or perform searches on our mobile devices, just to check how our website ranks on Google.

What is Google SERP

Google SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is the list of results returned by a search engine in response to a user’s query. The SERP displays relevant and valuable information to the user based on their search query. The results can include links to websites, images, videos, and more. The results are ranked based on the relevance and authority of the sources, as determined by the search engine's algorithm. The goal of a SERP is to provide the user with the most relevant and valuable information in response to their query. The SERP is a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO) because it is the first thing a user sees after they perform a search and it can greatly impact the visibility and success of a website.

Google SERP Checker Free Tool

Our Xhaami Google SERP Checker Free Tool helps you to check whether your keyword is showing in search results or not. The specialty of this tool is that you can trace your desired keyword in different regions More than 50+ countries list is available. So if you're targeting any specific keyword in a specific region or country this tool will help you to know your keyword position in that region.

This Free Google SERP Checker will tell you on which google page the targeting keyword is showing. For Example, If you search Word "SEO" and your niche is related to 100% Free SEO Tools then you can trace on which page the site appears in Google Search results for the SEO keyword.

As earlier above mentioned that Google search results vary from device to device and location to location so you can easily track your position in all the locations one by one. We are supporting, America, Argentina, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Serbia, Canada, Australia, Germany UK, and many more.SERP tracking keyword ranking is very easy now with this amazing tool.


How to Use our free Google SERP Checker

Our Google SERP tracker free tool will provide the position of any keyword on your website. Which keyword is on what number in bing search results.

In order to use Google SERP Checker, you need to perform these simple steps

01. Go to the Google SERP checker tool (

02. Enter the URL of your domain in "click here to enter your website"

03. Now click on submit button

04. Below Text Enter Box will appear. Enter your desired Keyword and select the country. (updated)

05. Click on the test button. 

Below Your Rank Text, the result is mentioned what is the search result of your keyword like this

(Domain) was #10 in the search results. 

You can select different countries one by one in order to trace your keyword position in each country and you can target that audience effectively and plan a new strategy.