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The XHAAMI.COM Crawlability Checker examines the Robots.txt file to determine the crawlability and indexability status of a link. Specify a URL to check if search engine crawlers can access it for crawling and indexing.
XHAAMI.COM Crawlability Tester allows you to validate Bot Meta Directives that provide crawling instructions to Googlebot and Bingbot. Webmasters can easily take advantage of this effective SEO tool to view a website's Robots.txt file and monitor how it controls crawler behavior. 

For fast indexing and ranking, make sure you've set up your crawling instructions correctly and that your links successfully pass the crawlability test. In case you want to save your crawl budget or don't want to index your private pages, audit your Robots.txt file with this efficient tool to make sure that bots can't crawl your specific directories.
Take a quick crawlability and indexability test with XHAAMI's easy-to-use tool at no cost.


Why Crawlability Test Free Tool

The purpose of a crawlability test free tool is to identify any technical issues or barriers that may be preventing search engines from accessing and properly indexing a website's pages. This includes broken links, broken images, slow page load times, and incorrect redirects.

By using a crawlability test free tool, website owners can gain a better understanding of their website's crawlability, identify any issues that may be impacting their search engine visibility, and take action to address them. This can include fixing broken links, optimizing images, and improving page load times to make their website more accessible to search engines.

Using a crawlability test free tool is a cost-effective and easy way to assess the technical health of your website and ensure that it is properly optimized for search engines. It is important to regularly test your website's crawlability, especially after making changes or updates to your site, to ensure that your website remains accessible and visible to search engines.


How to use Crawlability Test Tool

In order to use this SEO Free Tool you need to visit the following link ( or simply click on the tools and select this tool from the icons.

  1. Enter your website name or specific URL of a page
  2. Click on the submit button and get the result

The page will show some data like this 

Crawlability Test Tool


Info will tell you the allow and disallow settings.

Crawlable: If a Green tick is showing then it means Search Engine Bots are able to crawl your page and post.

Indexable: If a Green tick is showing it means Search engines are indexing your pages in search results. It indicates that Search Engines are reaching your URL and also indexing it.