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Mobile phone electric shaver | Mini USB Trimmer Reivew

Travel Razor Mini USB Smartphone Shaving For Android Cell Phone Outdoor Portable Micro-USB Electric Shavers shaving device

If you're looking for Mini Shaver for men which can be used with a mobile-like USB then you're on the right page. I shall try to review this product honestly. 

And if you are satisfied with this product then you can find the link of online buy at the end of this post.

Travel Razor Mini USB Smartphone Shaving


Product Name: Mobile phone electric shaver

Power: 3.6W

Supply voltage: 3.7-5V

Material: Stainless steel

Power mode; rechargeable

Cleaning method: Washing

Shaver charging time: 1 hour

Shaver head: Rotary 1 head



This is a small and portable Shaving Trimmer. You can carry it on travel.

It is lite and small in size, easy to carry in a pocket, bag, luggage, portable use from anywhere, plug and play.

You can use it at any time by using a mobile phone power bank and other OTG portable devices.

You can remove unwanted hairs from your face and hands instantly.

If you do shave on daily basis then it's perfect for you. 

You can use it before going to an interview or any party.

You don't have the need to visit the salon for a little bit of trimming because you can do it with covinience, without any cut, clean and smooth shaving.

Users Feedback of Micro-USB Electric Shavers shaving device

Here is some reviews of users about these products:

Electric Shavers shaving device
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Mini USB Trimmer Reivew

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User 1: This user posted a comment that it is a really nice and cool trimmer (5stars)

User 2:
This user said this is an excellent product and easy to use. (5stars)

Overall the rating of this product is 4.5

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