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Mini Washing Ultrasonic Machine | Portable Turbine Washer with Discount

Portable Mini Washing Machine

This is an amazing small washing machine. This portable turbine bases machine is easy to use in our daily life. Sometimes we are on vacation and we don't have a washing machine, of course, Then you can carry it and use it in any tub or in a plastic bucket.

This small washing machine will emit vibration waves to clean clothes, effectively remove dirt and clean your clothes efficiently. Suitable for light and small clothes, such as underwear, socks, hankdrechief etc.

Having a durable material and made of environmentally friendly ABS and TPR material, saves water and energy, suitable for 1kg (water Approx).

Best product use in hostel rooms as well as in business tours.


Install this washing machine in a suitable bucket or tub filled with water, put personal clothes and washing liquid in it, plug in the remote control to start automatic rotation and press the power button.

The washing machine first cleans the turbine for 2 minutes, then do 1.5 minutes of vibration cleaning, and then cleans the bubbles for 5 minutes, repeating for about 30 minutes.


1. The product has a 30-minute quick wash mode, which can change clothes frequently without stress.

2. The product has a 9cm ultra-small body, which can be used for business trips, and is free and unrestrained.

3. The product adopts ultrasonic technology, which can deeply clean clothes and easily lyse bacteria in water.


Mini Washing Ultrasonic Machine

Portable Turbine Washer

Mini Washing machine


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