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Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home Review

Smart Lock for Door and Home with Fingerprint

With the passage of time technology is becoming smarter and we are addicted to smart gadgets. Now after successful mobile fingerprinting now lock of home and door are also available with a fingerprint.

There are a few benefits of these smart locks as well as some drawbacks also.

Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home Review

According to shopping sites:

Fingerprint lock is made of high-quality metal material, strong and durable. And the fingerprint padlock is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable and resistant to wear. Fingerprint padlock only, demo of other accessories in the picture is not included! This lock can be used indoors or outdoors. 

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Fingerprint Padlock functions


Here are the following benefits of Fingerprint Padlock for Door and Home

01. You don't have a need to keep keys now.

02. Getbbbb rid of passwords don't need to worry about passwords forgotten

03. No worry about password revealed.

04. Unlock your home with your finger at any time. Add multiple family members fingers.

05. The fingerprint padlock body is made of aluminium alloy 12 AD12 Owl اور and the shackle is made of (201 stainless steel. It has excellent tamper and rust resistance to protect your cabinet or home from thieves.

06. USB rechargeable and extremely long battery life.

07. Fingerprint lock can also keep the record of who unlocked it, unlock time, unlock location and check the time and place of real-time use. Connect SmartPadLock to a free mobile app via Bluetooth so you can easily recognize who unlock it and when.

08. Waterproof


01. On some devices you can face code verification problems.

02. You need to recharge on time for its smooth working.

03. Battery problem may occur in some locks but not all.

04. It could be a risk if the device is damaged or out of service.

How to Buy:

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Fingerprint Padlock

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Bluetooth Thumbprint

HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock

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